Using the MBTI to Build More Effective Sales Relationships

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Susan Cain, Ed.D. LCSW

When we think about how we are connecting with clients and customers, we rarely take into consideration how they perceive us. Instead, we think about how to push our services or our products out to them, we articulate how we can meet their needs, we try to “sell” or persuade them to see our side.

I suggest that we hit the pause button on pushing out, and instead look more closely at how to really connect with clients and customers. Using the same sales techniques that have served you well, I propose to add a dimension of mindfulness to the sales relationships you have. This will allow you to:

  • Be more mindful of your own impact and style on your client or customer.
  • Discover the personality styles of your clients and customers.
  • Adapt your style to meet the emotional needs of your client or customer.

To do this, we will use the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator as a tool to understand yourself and others. first complete your own MBTI. Become more aware of your needs as you approach a sales opportunity. What are your:

  • Styles strengths?
  • Blind spots?
  • Fears?

Let’s take a look at how to decode the MBTI style of your client or customer:

MBTI Client/Customer Behavior Decoder

  1. Do you feel this person is primary an Introvert or Extrovert?
  • Extrovert – Are they animated, talkative, and fast-paced?
  • Introvert – Are they slower paced, quieter, and less talkative?
  1. Do you feel this person is primary Sensing or Intuitive?
  • Sensing – Are they very “here and now,” very present, and in the moment?
  • Intuitive – Are they often focused on other things, looking at the big picture?
  1. Do you feel this person is primary Thinking or Feeling?
  • Thinking – Does this person value facts and reasons?
  • Feeling – Does this person make choices based on feeling or people’s needs?
  1. Do you feel this person is primary Judging or Perceiving
  • Judging – Does this person make clear decisions and move on with their options?
  • Perceiving – Does this person prefer to leave their options open?

Putting it all Together: Flexing your Style to Meet the Style Needs of your Client or Customer

Start by completing the questions from our MBTI People Reader:






Now it is time to create a plan for ensuring a firm connection to your client. What can you do to ensure a stronger connection?

  • What can you do more of?
  • What can you do less of?
  • What can you do the same of?

Think about your options, and begin to pull together a plan of action. A good plan can keep you mindful and aware as you go to close that next big sale!

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Dr. Susan CainUsing the MBTI to Build More Effective Sales Relationships