Take Your Team to the Next Level with a Team Development Process

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How Team Analytics Can Drive Team Development in Your Organization

By Dr. Tim Buividas


It used to be that building teams involved a campfire and climbing some ropes. That is still a viable option to develop your team, but a new resource can help you get a more accurate picture of your team’s performance needs.

The new family of assessments called Team Assess (www.team-assess.com) will cost-effectively allow teams to evaluate their current performance both internally as collaborators and externally in terms of hitting targets and goals.

“Team building is an on-going process, not a one-time event,” stated Dr. Tim Buividas, creator of the Team Essentials Survey. “What we know about team performance is that measuring and tracking performance and working on performance goals over time is more effective than a short-term event, Buividas commented.”


Training Trends

This brings us to the topic of easy to use analytics. The performance development world is changing. Just-in-time flexible learning is trending as the preferred approach for many organizations. Using a quick and affordable survey to drive deep and meaningful data is a huge plus for any organization.

About the Family of Team Assess Surveys

Dr. Buividas has authored a series of three assessments designed to analyze specific team performance targets:

The Team Essentials Survey measures 6 core team components that affect team results. The components are-

  • Team Performance
  • Team Effectiveness
  • Leadership
  • Individual Contribution
  • Team Structure
  • Organizational Support

The Organizational Essentials Survey helps organizational design improvements to support better teaming. The Organizational Essentials Survey identifies 7 core organizational success factors: Support, team type, output, effectiveness, leadership, infrastructure and individual contributions.


The 360° Express Feedback Tool provides three open-ended questions using the STOP, START, and CONTINUE process. Contributors get the straight feedback they need to hear from each other – quickly and easily. 360° Express can be used as a stand-alone survey or used in conjunction with our Team Essentials Survey.

Multiple Ways to Use the Three Surveys

The three surveys can be used independently or linked to provide a comprehensive report:

The Team Essentials Survey can even be used as a progress report by completing a pre/post assessment.

The Organizational Essentials Survey can be used as a culture assessment, or linked to the Team Essentials Survey.

The 360° Express Tool can be used d u r I ng   t h e   t r a I n I n g   p r o c e s s a t   midpoint to help gain more team feedback for improvement. The surveys can be customized to incorporate specific issues and performance targets that the team is struggling with.


“Team Assess and our three surveys are intended to be push-button easy and affordable. Performance analytics are becoming more important, and just-in-time training is essential in today’s fast-paced business environments,” Dr. Buividas concluded.


Find out more at www.team-assess.com or www.corplearning.com.

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Dr. Susan CainTake Your Team to the Next Level with a Team Development Process

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