CLI partners have facilitated high-stakes strategy make-overs that have changed our clients’ futures.

Your organization faces problems as well as opportunities. You have to find solutions and determine the best way forward quickly and efficiently.

We pull from years of experience, helping tiny start-ups all the way to large public sector organizations and globally recognized Fortune 100 companies.

CLI provides strategic facilitation services which include; strategic thinking, strategic coaching and strategic development services that are designed to help you accomplish your strategic goals faster, with a combination of expert facilitation and strategic tools.

We bring our visual and technical support tools to move strategy forward and use our own administrative support team to capture progress made.  

CLI’s On-Target Model: A Roadmap to Develop Your Future

After years of boots-on-the ground experience, we have developed our own On-Target Strategic Planning Model, an adaptable roadmap that helps you create a solid platform for direction and growth.

Our On-Target Strategic Planing Model is uniquely adaptable to your organization. Our model allows you to assess how your vision, mission and values are performing, and then helps you determine whether you are off- or on-target with your performance.

We help you develop objectives, action plans with measurable milestones, and plan for contingencies. Take a look at our model:

­­The CLI On-Target Strategic Planning Model

Strategic thinking and strategic facilitation

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Leadership Training Case Study

Helping a Park District Grow
CLI’s Coaching Approach Helped a Large Midwest Park District Shift Performance – for the Better!

The Need

CLI was engaged by a large park district to help shift their overall impact on the community toward high performance.  The park district, a pool of 300 full-time and 1000 part time employees, engaged CLI to assess their culture and establish a new strategic direction. This new direction would need to assure higher employee satisfaction and client ratings, and grow the revenue base.

The Corporate Learning Institute Response

CLI helped the client identify their outcome goals, and together a strategic plan was developed to assure progress to goals. We began by launching a Denison Culture Survey© to measure current cultural strengths and weaknesses. Small focus groups were engaged throughout the organization to get more insight into the changes that employees faced. From there, a change team was created, to develop the on-target strategic plan, including goals and tactics. The plan included the roll-out of shared findings and new expectations, and the development of key accountabilities for each individual in the organization.

The plan was continuously monitored and adapted. Individuals and small groups were coached and supported toward aligning with the strategy.


The client reported that the critical benchmarks—employee and client satisfaction and revenue generation—have improved to optimal levels, even noting that the park district has been sited an example of successful sustainability and growth for others to learn from.

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