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 It turns out, there seems to be a set of unwritten rules that cause certain people to connect and get things done.Introducing our newly expanded services:
Try out our new Connections Coaching and Counseling Services in a free telephone or video consultation

We are here to help you achieve your goals, break-through to new directions, or get your life back on track. Choose a coaching or counseling approach, which can be facilitated through telephone, video, or face-to-face sessions in our office or a cozy coffeehouse near you. 

Meet our seasoned and empathetic staff:


Dr. Susan Cain
Dr. Sue Cain holds a master’s degree in clinical social work, and a doctoral degree in organizational leadership. She is a therapist, coach, facilitator, and faculty member. Sue helps clients identify their goals, and develop the skills and capabilities to achieve them. As practice manager, Sue helps clients find the right “fit” for coaching. She sees herself as a collaborative partner in counseling, helping clients achieve the breakthroughs they need to achieve life goals.

timDr. Tim Buividas
Tim holds a master’s degree in organizational development, and a doctoral degree in organizational leadership. He is a seasoned professional coach for contributors at every level of an organization. His pragmatic, honest approach allows clients to embrace their strengths and overcome the challenges that they face at work and in their private lives. Tim is a trusted coach to many Fortune 500 companies as well as high profile non-profit organizations. Lately, Tim’s practice has focused heavily on helping our parks district                                                                    professionals achieve break through results

joanJoan Henehan
Joan is a highly-experienced leader in higher education. Joan completed her bachelor’s degree in clinical social work and has completed graduate work in social work and leadership. She has vast experience helping students become leaders and develop the skills needed for successful graduation and employment. Joan brings a common sense and compassionate approach to her work with adults, young adults, and children.


allisonAllison Megalis, SPHR
Allison holds a master’s degree in training and development.  Her extensive experience includes designing and facilitating developmental opportunities for contributors at all levels of an organization, and serving as president of her own contracting firm. Allison’s coaching approach focuses on listening intently, and helping clients process and identify the best way forward to achieve their goals.

johnson.william (3)William Johnson, MCT, CPC
William holds a master’s degree in finance, and is a Certified Professional Coach.  William is known for his engaging facilitation skills on Chicago’s adventure sites and ropes courses. He has a solid reputation in team and leadership development. William is also an experienced coach and mentor. William’s sincere, witty and low-key approach puts clients at ease and ready to do tackle their own personal development.

Our coaching and counseling services make a huge impact on your goals, and can help you achieve breakthrough performance at work or in your private life.  Find out why The Kellogg Company, Kerry, Meade Fort Dearborn, and many other organizations use CLI’s Connections Services to coach their employees. Call us directly at 1.630.407.1187, or complete our request for services to the right so we can contact you for a free consultation, then choose a package of four, six, or eight coaching sessions to fit your needs.

How to get Started with Counseling Services
Dr. Susan Cain, LCSW, is a seasoned counselor and therapist. She is dedicated to helping you work through the issues in your life that can drain your energy and keep you from achieving your goals.  Contact her for a complimentary confidential telephone consultation at 630.407.1187, or complete our response form to the right.

The CLI Difference
Our coaching and counseling approaches actively engage you to develop the capabilities to thrive in your unique and complex environment. We do this by caring deeply about your needs, empathically engaging each person along a defined path for personal development.

What you will Gain Through CLI’s Connections Coaching or Counseling Program
We ensure the following coaching results when you partner with us to provide coaching or counseling services:

  • An excellent rapport, honest feedback, and a positive coaching relationship.
  • A needs assessment to determine the coaching goals to target.
  • An on-going series of sessions offered face-to-face, via web-based applications or by telephone.
  • Access to CLI’s large library of assessments, training materials, and topical videos.
  • Useful eWorkbooks delivered to your inbox after each coaching session that details the session, next steps, and learning materials to review.
  • Impact on Long-term performance through transferring learning back to work using action plans. We are accountable to deliver the targeted performance results you need.

Your Needs
The coaching that Sue Cain did for one of my staff enabled the staff member to identify his true strengths and challenging areas – and provided the basis to begin focusing on those areas he needed to strengthen.

As a result, he has grown immensely in the several months since the coaching and I believe will continue to advance in our company into a senior management role.


I would highly recommend this coaching protocol to anyone who is trying to develop their own skills or those of a valued staff member.Carrol Vaughan, Nan McKay & Associates, Inc., Vice President, Professional Services


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