Powerful Coaching Begins with the “End in Mind”, An Interview with CLI’s William Johnson BA Education,MCT, CPC

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By William Johnson, MCT, CPC, Lead Coach at Connections Coaching and Counseling Solutions

CLI has expanded our coaching services to include tele-coaching as well as face-to-face options at our new Hinsdale location or the location of your choice. Visit us at http://corplearning.com/professional-corporate-coaching-services/.

What type of coaching do you do—and who do you do it for?

We focus on Solution-Focused Coaching, which focuses on the outcomes clients want and need. We work with individuals within organizations for professional coaching as well as private individuals seeking changes in their lives.

Why is Solution-Focused Coaching so effective?

Solution-focused coaching encourages clients to make rapid progress towards their goals as the focus is on “what works” rather than “what caused the problems”. The coaching process concentrates on building solutions by utilizing the strengths of the client resulting in a sense of empowerment and achievement.

How does Solution-Focused Coaching differs from other coaching approaches?

Traditional coaching typically spends time reviewing the underlying causes of the client’s problems. Once insight and understanding are gained, the coach and client work together to develop different ways for the client to work towards their goals. By contrast, the solution-focused approach doesn’t really care why problems occur and assumes the client has all the necessary competencies to come to a solution. The solution-focused coach works with the client to vision their ideal outcome and then identify the strength and skills the client can bring to make their desired outcome a reality.

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Solution-focused coaching assumes clients are able to shift their energy to create their own solutions. The Energy Leadership Index (ELI) Assessment, an 80 question online assessment developed by IPEC, is a very valuable tool in providing clients with insight into the energy levels they show up with in their daily lives. For example, in a stressful situation, do you tend to retreat and protect yourself, or are you motivated to reach out and embrace the challenge? The ELI assessment allows you to work with a coach to enhance your awareness, and start building strategies to increase your energy levels. By bringing increased energy to your daily life, clients are able to be more effective in developing solutions and reaching their goals.


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CorpLearningPowerful Coaching Begins with the “End in Mind”, An Interview with CLI’s William Johnson BA Education,MCT, CPC

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