New! DISC Professional Styles

We Created the NEW DISC Professional Styles Assessment Just for You!  

The DISC Personality Profile is an assessment used around the world to help users identify their personal “style” approach. The DISC Assessment is often used as a team assessment, helping team members learn to collaborate across their style differences.

The four-quadrant model helps users quickly identify their preferred style.

Until now, the DISC assessment has been expensive to take and often requires certifications and training to obtain.

Our new DISC Professional Styles Assessment has been developed to be simple and easy to use, affordable to purchase, and available without certifications.

 The colorful, 26-page DISC Professional Styles Assessment is easy to take and review and can be taken online or by ordering in 10-pack printed sets.
We have spent two years developing and beta-testing the assessment so that you can have confidence in the assessment’s validity and reliability.

At a price-point of $235.00 for a 10-pack, our assessment comes complete with self-scorable answer sheet, score table, and pattern descriptions. The full-color 26-page booklet features stunning full-color graphics as well as identifies the user’s DISC style and style pattern.

You don’t have to be certified to take our new DISC Professional Styles Assessment, and we offer to coach you in the use of our assessment at no cost.

Get print copies: Order sealed assessment 10-pack units for the all-inclusive price of $235.00.

Why try the new DISC Professional Styles Assesment?

  • Enjoy the highly visual, full-color report
  • Each report contains a personalized graph table and results page
  • No more high fees for training
  • No special training required
  • Use it throughout your organization for a tremendous cost savings
  • Validated and reliable, our DISC Professional Styles has passed over two years of beta testing

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