Do you have effective conflict resolution methods in your office?

How should you address conflict resolution?

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Conflict can arise in any office. When you have a group of employees that bring a diverse set of skills and assets to the table, it's bound to happen. When it does, it can deter productivity and affect coworker collaboration and communication. Between 60 percent and 80 percent of all issues at companies arise because of tense relations between employees.

However, with the right tools and skills, people can address the problems they face and work to resolve them. When people know how to address conflicts correctly, small problems come up less and when they do appear, people can take care of them with ease. Do you have solid conflict resolution methods in your office? Consider these tips to find out if you're doing it right.

"Since its creation in 1974, more than 7 million copies of the instrument have been purchased globally."

Try out the TKI method
One method many employers are trying out is the Thomas-Kilmann Instrument conflict-resolution method. The TKI method has been used by offices all over the world given its accurate set of tools that have been proven to resolve conflict in the workspace. The tool has been so effective that since its creation in 1974, more than 7 million copies of the instrument have been purchased globally.

So how does it work?

The TKI method essentially is a self-assessment model that people can take if they want to determine how well they can resolve conflicts. This instrument can be used by company leaders or simply by employees looking to improve their relationships with colleagues. The tool tests to see whether you're overusing or under-using one of the common conflict-management approaches, which includes:

  • Accommodating.
  • Compromising.
  • Collaborating.
  • Avoiding.
  • Competing.
Are you approaching conflict resolution correctly?Are you approaching conflict resolution correctly?

Once you've completed the assessment, your results are compared with those from a research sample of 8,000 U.S. men and women. Your results are compared with others across the nation so that you can get a general idea of how you relate to an even distribution of people. Samples have also been collected from other countries and compared with self-assessors' results, and the comparisons have been similar, proving that even worldwide, people tend to approach conflicts the same way.

Given that this is a self-assessment, some might assume that people will try to make themselves look better at dealing with conflict than they actually are. However, this effective instrument asks questions that help rule out the possibility of people answering untruthfully, delivering effective results that people can actually use.

Once you have these results, what are you supposed to do?

Use the Conflict Management and Resolution Workshop
After you get your TKI results, you might not be sure how to use them. That's where Corporate Learning comes in. They offer a Conflict Resolution Workshop where people can take the TKI and put their results to work. Corporate Learning will work with any company or group of employees to design a custom-based workshop model that addresses conflict issues and the right ways to solve them. Using state-of-the-art consulting skills and analysis, Corporate Learning can identify the best conflict-resolution workshops for your company so you can continue to strive toward success.

If you're interested in learning more about conflict resolution and this effective workshop, contact Corporate Learning at 1-800-203-6734 today!

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Dr. Susan CainHow should you address conflict resolution?

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