Four Steps to Effective Delegation

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Delegation is one of the most difficult but necessary workplace skills. Learning to delegate effectively is important because no one person can accomplish everything effectively. We have created a simple process to help you delegate better.

Job Aid: Four Steps to Delegating Tasks  

  1. Evaluate the task and resources needed to manage it.
  • Assess the opportunity and candidates for delegating potential.
  • Assess the candidate’s readiness-skill ability and motivation to do the project, and 
consider how to match their style to avoid over-or under-managing.
  1. Discuss and plan the project.
  • Clearly identify the goal or task using SMART goals with the candidate.
  • Ask the candidate for feedback or questions, and provide any missing information to the
  1. Implement the project.
  • Set up multiple feedback check-points with dates during the project.
  1. Complete the project
  • Set up a due date with feedback for needed revisions.

That’s it! Next time you have to delegate, review these steps and watch your delegation improve!

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CorpLearningFour Steps to Effective Delegation

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