Professional Corporate Strategy Training in Chicago, IL

Grow Your Business with a Strategic Facilitation Partner who is Part Sounding Board, Part Innovative Champion, and Part Reality Checker  

CLI provides expert strategic business guidance and facilitation. Every organization faces the challenge of finding the best way forward, and the Corporate Learning Institute can help you develop or redefine your path.

Corporate Learning Institute is a powerful collaborator in the arena with you—preparing for, facilitating and transferring your strategic  meeting gains into actionable items.

We work on a simple premise, that our clients are capable of reaching successful solutions, “unreachable” opportunities and targeted growth more rapidly with CLI’s help.

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Assessing and Improving your Culture

Corporate Learning Institute has worked with small to large organizations to help them develop a   want to work. We can help you assess and improve your culture, and help you keep your talent pool collaborative and aligned.

Your people hold the key to how time is spent, how decisions are made, what to focus on first, and where they believe your organization is going.

Collectively, these ideas and assumptions create a common culture and allow your people to operate more efficiently. We can help you assess and improve your culture, and help you keep your talent pool collaborative and aligned.

We are certified providers of the Denison Organizational Culture Survey©—the “gold standard” of common-sense and straight-forward culture assessments. The Denison gives you powerful insights into how your people view your organization, and clues to how to improve engagement, transparency and ultimately your culture.

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CLI’s Strategic Approach to
Designing and Facilitating Great Meetings

Corporate Learning Institute can help you develop the best roadmap for all of your important meetings. Ask us how we can help you build your best meeting yet!

We will help you develop the optimal meeting agenda, learning curriculum and breakout activities that will let you hold your best meeting yet!

Improving Innovation and Creativity

Many of our clients know that doing the same thing over and over will not lead to breakthroughs needed to grow. We help you assess your innovation muscle, and use guided facilitation to improve your ability to take the next step forward. We are certified facilitators of the FourSight Thinking Assessment, a tool to help people realize their full potential as contributors and drivers of innovation in your organization. Contact us to learn more about how to make your people more creative.

Dr. Tim BuividasCorporate Strategy Facilitation Partner