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You Need Performance Improvement, and Our Coaching Impact!

Our coaching services are designed to target performance goals, develop critical skills, increase awareness, and track progress all at the same time. We call our approach the Rapiphone-in-person-video-300x236d Learning
Coaching Process.
Our licensed and insured coaches all have advanced degrees and have years of corporate experience. This mix of coaching skills and organizational know-how allows for savvy guidance and rich dialogues. We always assure confidentiality and a deep rapport when we coach—and have years of coaching experience to assure long-term results.



The CLI Coaching Difference

Traditional coaching often encourages dependency on the coach to provide solutions. Our approach actively engages individuals to develop the capabilities to thrive in their complex environment.
We do that by co-developing coaching goals, creating learning assignments and assigning key readings and video-driven learning modules in between sessions.

Our unique Rapid Learning Coaching eWorkbooks provide an online review of each coaching session content and provides learning materials to develop new skills. This serves as a record of our progress, as well as a reference point for assignments. Our unique video library and skill-building learning materials are available to all coachees during and after the coaching process.

How You Will Benefit From CLI’s Rapid Learning Coaching Program

We ensure the following coaching results when you partner with us to provide coaching services:

  • An excellent rapport, honest feedback and a positive coaching relationship
  • A needs assessment to determine the coaching goals to target
  • An on-going series of sessions offered face-to-face, via web-based applications or by telephone
  • Access to CLI’s large library of assessments, training materials and topical videos
  • Useful eWorkbooks delivered to you inbox after each coaching session that details the session, next steps and learning materials to review
  • Long-term performance impact as we transfer learning back to work with action plans. We are accountable to deliver the targeted performance results you need.

We Feel Confident in
Our 3-Phase Coaching Approach:

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Effective On-Boarding through Early Career Coaching

Our Rapid Learning Coaching Program uses a short-term coaching approach. We teach and integrate skills for coachees to use immediately, making rapid learning gains possible.

The Need

Our client, a large multi-national company, had aggressive global expansion goals. They requested a coaching program that would help their newly hired college graduates to adapt to their fast-paced work environment, learn to use available resources, and introduce foundational and critical thinking skills.

The Corporate Learning Institute Approach

CLI designed and developed a coaching program that began with a pre-coaching personal needs assessment. In this phase, participants read about the coaching process and reviewed resources available for them to use.

Coaching sessions consisted of an initial face-to-face session to review needs and goals, and three additional telephone coaching sessions to monitor progress and assure long-term gains. The final session included a manager transfer step to help managers continue the coaching process in-house. Managers were trained in a separate coaching session and given a process to use for effective coaching.

In between sessions, coachees were given action assignments that allowed them to use practical skills to solve problems, think critically, and improve performance in key areas.


The client reported an empirical improvement in coachees’ abilities to tap into resources, adapt to the environmental expectations, and to use critical thinking skills.