We are your strategy and meeting facilitation partners, ready to help you build the optimal meeting or the bright future you envision.

CLI provides design and delivery of meeting facilitation as well as expert strategy guidance. Every organization faces the challenge of finding the best way forward.  Corporate Learning Institute helps you develop or redefine your path—whether it’s your meeting or your business strategy.

Corporate Learning Institute is a powerful collaborator in the arena with you—preparing for, facilitating and transferring your meeting or strategy gains into actionable value. We work on a simple premise, that our clients are capable of reaching successful solutions, “unreachable” opportunities and targeted growth more rapidly with CLI’s help.

Build Your Future With Corporate Learning!

Choose from the following services:

Strategic Facilitation

We have facilitated high-stakes strategy sessions that have changed our clients’ futures. Your organization faces problems as well as opportunities. You have to find solutions and determine the best way forward quickly and efficiently.

Assessing and Improving your Culture

Corporate Learning Institute has worked with small to large organizations to help them develop a place where people want to work. We can help you assess and improve your culture, and help you keep your talent pool collaborative and aligned.

Meeting Facilitation:
CLI’s Strategic Approach to Designing and Facilitating Great Meetings

Corporate Learning Institute can help you develop the best roadmap for all of your important meetings.

Improving Innovation and Creativity

Many of our clients know that doing the same thing over and over will not lead to breakthroughs needed to grow. We help you assess your innovation muscle, and use guided facilitation to improve your ability to take the next step forward.

“CLI has coached our leadership team for several years, and we have evolved both personally and professionally, aligned our vision, and improved our ability to achieve the performance targets we establish together.”Mark Becker, Managing Partner, C/D/H

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