CLI announces new breakthrough in team performance development

CLI announces new breakthrough in team performance development: The next level team development framework

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The Corporate Learning Institute, a Chicago-based consultancy assisting clients worldwide, announces the Next Level Team Development Framework, a comprehensive assessment and training approach bundled to create real breakthroughs in team performance.

"We start with our new team assessment tool, Team Assess, and move into classroom modules and hands-on activities, and most importantly, time spent on authentic conversations and feedback skills that build real interpersonal connections," explained CLI's Dr. Susan Cain.

Developed by CLI's Dr. Tim Buividas, the Next Level Team Development Framework is fully customizable. The approach emphasizes the importance of skills in three areas: Starting Smart, Executing with Excellence, and Finishing with Finesse.

The framework includes CLI's new Team Assess, a useful tool to determine current team performance levels ( "We developed Team Assess to be an affordable, useful and easy to use assessment to measure team performance before and after training," stated CLI's Dr. Tim Buividas. "With an affordable assessment like Team Assess, you can see the impact of training quickly and affordably."

CLI's Next Level framework for developing team performance can be offered anywhere in the world, and has been used by clients including Deloitte, the National Air Traffic Controller's Association, and a multitude of health care organizations.

CLI is a leader in designing and delivering highly effective training programs across a variety of topics. CLI is a comprehensive workforce performance consultancy staffed by two doctoral-level partners. Offering five unique divisions of services, CLI provides:

Find out more about The Corporate Learning Institute at or by calling 800-203-6734.

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Dr. Susan CainCLI announces new breakthrough in team performance development: The next level team development framework

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