Managing Change: CLI’s Strategic Approach to Changing Your Organization

CLI can help you change your organization using our change strategy. When you need an organizational overhaul, bring us in to assess and develop a road-map that will assure success.

CLI’s change management process helps your organization achieve its goals.

How Does CLI’s Change Management Process Help Your Organization? 

We start by getting a working understanding your culture and review the impact and business results you are achieving. We take a look at your vision, mission and values, review your strategy, and then we create a personalized culture change plan that works best for you.

We Start with our On-Target Model

CLI starts change management programs by reviewing our on-target model and then continues to drive forward with our 3-step change model.

Our Three-phase Change Management Process takes you From Today Toward Future Success

Our three phases break down the complex process of change into manageable action steps:

Change Management Process

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Change Management Case Study


CLI Leads Cultures and Manages Change in a Joint Venture Construction Company


The Need

The client instructed a six-member joint venture company to align their people and resources for a 6-billion dollar contract. The request was to have the six companies come together to operate as a sole-source provider. Our task was to unite the six cultures into a new one, blend the cultures and expectations, so our client could   complete a large construction project at a Chicago-based refinery.

The Corporate Learning Institute Response

CLI developed a core change management team to help guide the project. We interviewed key staff, and developed surveys to reach out to employees about their perspectives on current cultural expectations. From there, we developed a three-phase change process and began to work through each phase with the change management team.


The program successfully met our client’s expectations, allowing employees to understand the new cultural expectations, respond more quickly to client needs, improving their safety record, and improve turnaround time. The result was increased job satisfaction, profitability and client satisfaction as detailed in a project review held post-project.

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