Promoting Innovation Literacy in Your Organization

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Are your people innovation literate? Are they encouraged to bring new ideas to the table? How about this -are they involved in improving your products, services or processes? If the answer to any of these questions is no, or even maybe, you may be suffering from innovation illiteracy. Innovation is the process that allows the creation of something new that …

Dr. Susan CainPromoting Innovation Literacy in Your Organization

Trends in Team Building

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Dr. Cain has been a practicing organizational consultant for 25 years, working with top-tier corporations and organizations throughout the world. She is partner at The Corporate Learning Institute, a Chicago-based training and development organization offering corporate training, coaching and strategic planning services. We have all heard all the descriptions of the current economic challenges and what we should do about …

Dr. Susan CainTrends in Team Building

Team Building Strategies

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The Corporate Learning Institute announces new team building strategies hoping to rebound in 2011. The new CLI annual e-brochure is now available on the CLI website,, and contains many new training programs. Team building strategies are important for an organization to function efficiently in turbulent times. CLI has responded with a fresh batch of team training workshops. The new …

Dr. Susan CainTeam Building Strategies