There is a direct link between your culture and your organization’s performance.

Your organization is made up of people; people who hold deeply held beliefs and assumptions about how to think and act, everyday inside your organization.

Denison Culture


Your people hold the key to how time is spent, how decisions are made, what to focus on first, and where they believe your organization is going.

Collectively, these ideas and assumptions create a common culture and allow your people to operate more efficiently. We can help you assess and improve your culture, and help you keep your talent pool collaborative and aligned.

We use the Denison Culture Survey©—the “gold standard” of common-sense and straight-forward culture assessments. The Denison gives us a snapshot of four fundamentals people need to feel engaged and productive:

Denison Culture


The Denison Culture Survey© results will show us where your organization is both strong and weak in any of these building blocks. Once you review results, we begin to build a plan for improvement.

Denison Culture


Here is our formula for success:

  1. We meet with you to help you think about what and who to measure to tap into your cultural beliefs.
  2. We create a welcoming letter and deploy the survey online.
  3. We collate the data and assemble a results report.
  4. We meet again to review results and consider strategies to move toward a more cohesive, aligned culture.
  5. We help you build the strategies, capabilities and benchmarks to get there.
  6. We stay with you, even proving a follow-up assessment to assure progress to goals.

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Leadership Training Case Study

Culture Shift Success Story
CLI Develops Culture Jump Start Session for Technical Consulting Firm using the Denison Culture Survey

The Need

A Michigan-based technology-consulting firm needed to benchmark employee perception of their organization’s culture.
The Denison Culture Survey was chosen to help identify perceptions in organization  strengths, and weaknesses and opportunities.

The Corporate Learning Institute Response

CLI as a Denison partner company developed a one-day program with pre-and post training steps. Prior to the program, a pool of 35 employees completed the Denison Culture Survey© online. CLI formulated these results into an electronic and paper workbook. The program was designed to share insights, develop priorities for needed changes, and create a high-level action plan for strategic changes to occur.

The client reported that the Denison Culture Survey© allowed them to surface and share insights and concerns in a constructive format.  They discovered that leadership was under-communicating their priorities and direction, leaving people with “fuzzy” direction and expectations.

The client decided to make the workshop an annual “check-up” event, with quarterly meetings focusing on strategic changes needed during the year. The meeting has become a key part of their annual planning and budgeting process.

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