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We’re The Corporate Learning Institute, and our services span your performance needs from developing effective individual contributors, managers and leaders to creating the strategies that will build your future success.

As organizational coaches and action facilitators, we help you build a workforce ready and able to take on the challenges of growth and change. Here’s how we do it:

  • We partner with you to determine your needs.
  • Then, we create a personalized solution-whether it is workforce performance skill building service, coaching programs or a tactical strategic plan.
  • We deliver innovative instructor-led training classes, personal coaching services and strategic facilitation coaching that fits your time and budget.
  • We monitor and evaluate results and offer you feedback on both gains and your next step opportunities.

We are the experts in training, coaching and strategic facilitation. We bring in the best content expertise and blend it with your culture and specific needs.

CLI staff is an unusual blend of credentialed, seasoned practitioners with the incredible ability to relate to you and your people. But then we have had years to master the things you need most-effective performance and strategy solutions.

We’re in on the action. We’ve discovered that the most effective way to inspire and motivate is through action learning—or learning by direct application. Learning by doing, or experiential learning, engages every single person in every single training, development, coaching and strategy session we offer.

Action learning is simply anything that gives your people hands-on learning opportunities. In a classroom, we offer breakouts that challenge participants to experience trial and error learning rebound and apply lessons forward. In coaching, we give action assignments in real time so coachees can apply key learning’s. In our strategy sessions, we bring remarkable visual materials, research and case studies to inspire your people to greater strategic thinking.

Let us help you achieve the impossible! Get the results you want. Contact us for a complimentary needs assessment and proposal.

What our Clients Say…

“CLI offers this amazing Rapid Learning Workshop Series. It is an excellent resource for any business that is looking to further train, develop, and endorse the ideals of leadership, collaboration, and resource management. We also engage CLI as a coaching resource to optimize interoffice dynamics and make sure we are performing optimally there as well.”
-Josh Tubero, Alliance Disaster Kleenup



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National Laboratory partners with CLI to offer large group safety information program

The Need The client organization needed to gather opinions about safety issues to upgrade its safety programs and create safety awareness for staff. CLI and the organization collaborated to develop a two-day design. The Corporate Learning Institute Approach After helping the client assesses their needs, CLI developed a two-day program. The first day focused on developing focus groups and enhancing their trust, communication, and collaborative capability. The second day focused on holding focus group meetings to surface safety concerns within small groups. An affinity diagram allowed issues to be cross-examined across groups. Focus group members then presented concerns to organization leaders. Leaders responded by supporting necessary changes to ensure stronger safety policies.
Results The client reported that the objective was achieved to the extent that a better a more effective project approach was implemented using the concepts taken from the session. In addition, the client reported that the team members enjoyed the learning process and that the team has improved their levels of trust and open communication.


US Navy Calls upon CLI to Develop Skill Building Workshops

The Need The US Navy Procurement offices contacted CLI to design and deliver three training workshops for managers: project management, time management, and motivation. CLI worked with Navy personnel to design three, two-hour sessions. Each session involved the use of classroom skills overview, action-learning break out session, and debrief-application session. The Corporate Learning Institute Approach CLI collaborated with the GoGame to offer project management skill development. Participants were involved in a sophisticated scavenger hunt using smart phones and cameras to create successful projects using CLI’s 5-keys to project management. Next, participants completed a challenging action learning exercise to consider how to make the best use of time in their projects. Finally, participants enjoyed the concepts and film from the Fish Philosophy as well as other concepts to piece together ways to increase motivation of followers at work.
Results Our Navy client reported that the participants fully enjoyed the sessions and that they benefitted from the information and chance to apply gains back to work. 


CLI Provides Team Building to a Large Multi-National Company in Sweden

The Need Our client, an international telecommunications company, needed intensive two-day team training for a leadership team located in Sweden. The Corporate Learning Institute Approach CLI designed and developed the program with the team and shipped portable team building equipment to Sweden. A pre-program phase was completed with interviews being done by telephone and email. Participants completed the MBTI the Denison Culture Survey prior to the program. Once on the ground, CLI worked with local city authorities to set up a team challenge course. Classroom space was obtained at a local hotel. The two-day session included indoor and outdoor modules designed to enhance trust, open communication, skill development, and application of learning. The team surfaced long-held grudges and faced conflicts using the CLI conflict resolution conversation model. A team charter was created for action steps to be taken post-program.
Results The team reported a sharp increase in performance and accomplishments as a result of the training. They achieved a maximum return on their investment when they were awarded with a “most improved team” award by their company in the last quarter of the company’s calendar year.


CLI creates leadership program for large Chicago-based candy manufacturer

The Need One of Chicago’s largest candy manufacturers is called upon CLI to develop a two-day leadership “academy” which would allow managers and supervisors to move from “good” management practices to “great” management practices. The workshop was kicked off with a high-level leader setting the tone with a riveting introduction. The program design included classroom sessions, roles plays, hands-on action learning breakouts, and personal coaching sessions.
Results The program evaluation showed that emerging leaders perceived that they increased their self-awareness, leadership skills, and most importantly, leadership impact.


CLI Creates New Hiring Process and Behavioral Interview Training for Midwest Company

The Need The client organization wanted to over-haul their hiring process and train interviewers to make better hiring decisions. The Corporate Learning Institute Response CLI worked with the client to develop a comprehensive listing of job-level competencies. CLI mapped these to corporate vision, mission, and values. A comprehensive job competency matrix was developed electronically that for identification of skills and abilities per job level. Then, a behavioral interviewing program was developed with a curriculum, materials, and instructor guide. A two-day program was launched to train interviewers in pre-interview preparation, interview basics, and job candidate evaluation. The program included role-plays, breakouts, and application exercises.
Results The client organization was delighted with the outcome of their over-hauled hiring process and training program. The inclusion of an instructor’s manual allowed the organization to continue to re-train as needed.



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